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The JVC MX-MD90 is a perfect for the advanced digital recording enthusiast! It features an amazing 3-CD/3-MD/Single MD recording system. A large LCD display and dual jog controls make it all easy to operate. Five edit modes and an optical digital input are also included. The 3-CD Triple Tray Changer is programmable and features smart random & repeat play. The three-way, four-driver, speaker system uses a dual cannon duct system for excellent bass response as well as an angled surround design which expands the sound stage.


  • 50 Watts per channel, min. RMS
  • Active Bass Extension
  • 3 way bass reflect design 5 15/16"
  • MD Mini System
  • 5 preset and 1 manual equalization settings
  • 3 mode SUPER Live Surround
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