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The HA-FR301 is the most powerful and stylish Xtreme Xplosives earbud. Large, 10.0mm neodymium driver units deliver the ultimate bass sound. The one-button mic/remote is compatible with iPhone as well as most Android & BlackBerry devices. A thick 2.0mm cord and rubber protectors assure durability. Three sizes of silicone earpieces are included along with a hard shell carrying case. The HA-FR301 is available in either white or black.


  • Extreme Deep Bass Ports and 10.0mm neodymium driver units deliver ultimate bass sound
  • 1-button remote and microphone for iPhone / BlackBerry / Android (with Smart Switch for compatibility of most of smartphones)
  • Rubber protectors for body durability
  • Superior sound isolation
  • Comfortable fit with ergonomic contoured form
  • 3.94ft (1.2m) 2.0mm-thick cord with gold plated iPhone compatible slim plug
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