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The HD-70GC78 is driven by three highly advanced reflective D-ILA microchips. Each of these super high density D-ILA devices yeilds an incredible 2 million pixels and provides stunning film-like resolution. No other television in the industry offer the advantages of both 1920x1080 resolution and the superior performance of the unique 3-chip D-ILA technology. In addition to the incredible picture performance, the HD-70GC78 also provides great convenience. Dual HDMI inputs make hook up to High Definition sources a breeze, and the ATSC and QAM tuning capabilty means you can tune in an HD in a variety of ways.


  • True 1080p 2 Million Pixel Structure 3-Chip DILA System (1920x1080)
  • ATSC/QAM and Digital CableCard Capable (Digital Cable Ready)
  • 5th Generation D.I.S.T. 1080p(Digital Image Scaling Technology) + GENESSA Picture Processing
  • Advanced Super Cinema Mode (Optical Iris System)
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • MPEG Noise Reduction
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