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The JX-S700 is a professional quality A/V Switcher with 7 A/V Inputs and 4 A/V 0utputs and a Monitor output. It has professional quality circuitry capable of handling signals with up to 800 lines of resolution. It also has full S-Video capability and incorporates a Y/C separator and comes with a full function remote.


  • Video Signal Format: NTSC
  • AV input: 7 lines ( S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)
  • Av output: 4 lines (S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)
  • Monitor output: 1 line (S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)
  • Processor in/out: 1 line (S-Video, Video, Audio L/R)
  • Aux audio input: 1 (stereo)
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