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Get a great picture and the best surround sound with this full-featured JVC DVD player. The XV-D701BK features a built-in Dolby Digital decoder with a 5.1 channel output for state-of-the-art surround sound with any Dolby Digital ready receiver. Both a fiber optic and a co-axial digital audio output with Dolby Digital & DTS pass-through are provided for easy connection to any system.


  • Compatible with DVD Video, CD and Video CD
  • High-bit/high-sampling (10-bit/27MHz video) D/A converter
  • Built-in Dolby Digital Decoder
  • Component Video, Composite Video, and S-Video terminals
  • 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. Converter with 96kHz/24-bit audio resolution
  • VFP (Video Fine Processor) for fine picture adjustment
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