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This new JVC XV-FA95GD introduces an innovative 7-disc Carousel Changer with Play & Exchange player that people are looking for. Not only does it play DVD Audio, DVD & CD; it also plays the new MP3, CD-R and CD-RW recordable CD formats. The XV-FA95GD is packed with many exciting features such as DVD-Audio, Progressive Scan Output-Digital Direct, 3-D Phonic sound, variable and slow search,zoom, digest and strobe play, angle list and resume function. Fiber optic and co-axial digital audio outputs with Dolby Digital & DTS pass-through are provided for easy connection to any system.


  • Compatible with DVD Video, CD CD-R/RW and Video CD
  • High-bit/high-sampling (10-bit/54MHz video D/A converter
  • Component Video, Composite Video, and S-Video terminals
  • 1-bit PEM DD Audio Converter Compatible with 192kHz/24-bit and 96kHz/24-bit DVD Audio
  • Progressive Scan Output, "Digital Direct" that can produce the video output at twice the conventional speed to allow the direct conversion of DVD''s 24fps into progressive 60fps for display on your TV, thereby avoiding the quality disadvantages of I/P conversion.
  • Glow Multi-brand remote control
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