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The JVC TU-DVR510DU is an integrated satellite TV system and Digital Video Recorder which empowers the consumers with control over their television entertainment experience. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) includes the ability to Zap commercials, Record up to 100 hours of programming in 120 gigabyte hard drive and Pause,Rewind,Replay live TV. TU-DVR510DU includes the receiver, the DISH 500 antenna and a Dish Pro Twin LNBF. And features DISH Interactive user interface which provides a whole new look to the user interface. A four component UHF/IR remote offers full control over all satellite features, including program guide, one-touch information and parental control features. An S-Video out is provided for best picture quality. Event Timers with IR Blast - Tune in to a programmed channel when it starts or program VCR to record a show. Optical Dolby Digital output. TU-DVR510RU (Receiver Only)is available MSPR $299.95


  • Personal Video Recording (80GB hard drive)
  • 7-day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Dish Interactive
  • On-screen Caller ID
  • Optical Dolby Digital output
  • UHF/IR 4-component universal remote control
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