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The JVC TU-DP311DU is a new satellite receiver with a sleek, slim line chassis design which offers 500 channels of exciting digital video & audio. This package includes the receiver, the DISH 500 antenna and a Dish Pro Twin LNBF. TU-DP311DU features DISH Interactive user interface which provides a whole new look to the user interface. A four component universal remote offers full control over all satellite features, including program guide, one-touch information and parental control features. An S-Video out is provided for best picture quality. Event Timers with IR Blast - Tune in to a programmed channel when it starts or program VCR to recor a show. TU-DP311RU (receiver only) is available by MSRP$99.95


  • DISH Network Satellite Receiver
  • I/R Blaster & Event Timers for VCR Recording
  • 2-Day Electronic Program Guide
  • Universal I/R Remote Control
  • S-Video & A/V Outputs
  • Caller ID Capable
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