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The JVC HM-HDS1u, a video life style manager that combines viewing, editing and library management. It's the world's first 2-in-1 solution to integrate a hard disk recorder and Super VHS recorder into a single unit. Catch TV programs on hard disk, while watching them or while you're away. If you recorded something you want to keep, dub it over to video cassette for mass storage. Or create an edited tape of all your favorites simply by selecting a few index pictures. Either way, the quality's great with MPEG-2 digital recording on disk, and high-band Super VHS recording on tape. With more and more programs, and less and less time to watch them, you need the Video Lifestyle Manager to keep a handle on things. The HM-HDS1 from JVC. The sensible way to catch and keep video.


  • 40GB Hard Disk Drive and a High Resolution Super VHS VCR
  • Super VHS ET Recording
  • 19 micron width EP Heads
  • Digipure Technology including 4MB frame memory
  • Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder
  • VCR Plus+ with "Cable Eye" Cable Box Controller
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