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The ultra-compact GR-DVM50U features a digital still picture output which allows this camcorder to also function as a digital still camera. Still images are stored on the digital video tape. A serial cable and CD ROM software ($180 Value) for Windows are also included to allow easy downloading of still pictures to your computer. DV In/Out provides for easy computer connection for more advanced applications. A docking base is included for easy connection to an A/V system or computer. This JVC Digital Cybercam also offers the highest level of picture and sound quality. A 680,000 pixel CCD delivers outstanding resolution. The 180,000 pixel 2.5" LCD view screen allows the camera to be operated from any angle, for maximum comfort. The 200X zoom makes sure you don't miss any of the action. Playback zoom lets you move in for a closer look after you have made the recording. Digital special effects and scene transitions are available to enhance the recording. A multi-brand remote control allows you to control the cybercam as well as many brands of video recorders. Random Assemble Editing provides an eight scene memory for favorite scenes as well as the ability to add special effects while editing them to a video recorder.


  • 680,000 Pixel, 1/4" Interlace CCD
  • 180,000 pixel - 2.5" High Resolution,  270-degree rotating LCD color monitor
  • RM-V713U Multi-Brand Remote Control
  • F1.8 Bright lens
  • Digital CyberCam Video Camera
  • Electronic viewfinder with color 0.55" CRT
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