drvn V Series SpeakersCS-V518

drvn Series Speakers

Carbon Mica Cone (Strong Bass)

The speaker cone was successfully made lighter and more flexible than previous models, enabling it to be more responsive to the low frequency range. Produces quality sound even with the volume cranked up.

Hybrid Surround (Strong Bass)

Redesigned with a shallower edge structure compared to conventional surrounds, providing smoother oscillation at low frequency ranges than before.

PEI (Poly-Ether Imide) Tweeter Diaphragm
(Vocal Presence)

Structure of tweeter diaphragm was made shallower compared to conventional structure, thereby improving response for middle frequency range reproduction.

DYNAMICS Design Grille

The grille was redesigned to offer a sharper and more aggressive look. However the benefits are not only cosmetic, as this new design offers better acoustic structuring with wider grille ports that minimize sound loss.