Quad Proof 4K Memory CamcorderGZ-RY980H$999.99

GZ-RY980H on snow
GZ-RY980H wet
GZ-RY980H wetGZ-RY980H on snowGZ-RY980H connectorsGZ-RY980H front LCD opened GZ-RY980H sideGZ-RY980H LCD opened


Detailed, Realistic Pictures Full of Presence

GZ-RY980 is the first shooting style camcorder to put 4K video and Quad Proof reliability in the palm of your hand. Record your adventure with lasting 4K quality.

Technologies for High-Quality 4K Images

Newly-Developed JVC 4K GT LENS

Provides a wide angle of 29.9mm, custom-designed for fine image reproduction while maintaining a compact profile.

New image processing engine – FALCONBRID 4K

Enables high-speed processing of the massive 4K pixel data for high quality video recording, while also contributing to low power consumption.

Quad-Proof Design

Everio R’s renowned Quad-Proof body ensures worry-free usage for outdoor activities or in harsh environments. Also ready for accidents such as sudden rain or drops.

4.5H* Internal Long-Life Battery

High capacity internal battery enables 4.5 hours (4K mode)/5.5 hours (HD 60i mode) of continuous recording*. You’ll have plenty of power to shoot entire events without worry.

*Figures are the approximate time of continuous recording of the default setting mode if the internal battery has been fully charged, “LCD Backlight” is set to “0”, and without the use of zoom function.

8 Megapixel Stills captured from 4K Video

Still images can be freely captured from 4K video, with more than 8 megapixel quality. Grab that crucial moment in a way that still cameras just can’t. No need to switch recording modes; no need to carry a separate digital still camera. Just record video and choose the best shots afterward.

4K Time-Lapse Recording

You can enjoy time-lapse video in 4K quality. Just set the camera and shoot, and that’s all. No editing required afterward. Take unique, creative videos that are sure to turn heads.

Full HD High-Speed Recording for Slow Motion Playback

With high-speed recording, you can enjoy impressive slow motion of sports, outdoor and near-water scenes, in HD quality. Try recording situations that only a Quad Proof camera can capture, and savor every second of it.

Wide Viewing Angle LCD

New 460K-pixel wide viewing LCD with improved visibility outdoors with a built-in polarizing plate.

Dual SD Card Slots

A single 64GB card* can record about 1hr. 45min. of 4K video. Unique features using two cards include; Series Recording to record continuously and seamlessly over two cards and Dual Recording to record the same content (HD only) on both cards. *Card is not provided.

Note: Recording in 4K is possible with an affordable “Class 10” SD card, and does not require the card with notation such as “For 4K” or “4K-compatible”. Be sure to check that the SD card has Class 10 mark when purchasing. class10

Full-Fledged Sound with External Mic Input

Super realistic 4K video deserves high-quality realistic sound to go along with it. You can connect an external microphone to record documentary style soundtracks. Photos shows a mounting example with an optional third party microphone and a bar mount.

Wi-Fi Functions (with optional adapter)

Remote Operation

Remote monitoring and camera operation using smartphone/tablet/PC.

Live Streaming

Recording and streaming (HD video/audio) are simultaneously possible via Internet.