Marine Subwoofer

Versatile Application

The CW-DR10140ML offers a tough design that conforms to the IPX6 standard, so you can enjoy high-quality music playback even under the harsh environment of marine and motorsports use. The speakers are also equipped with LED Illumination so you can choose your favorite color that suits your mood or music.

Deep Bass Sound

The large magnet (Φ5-5/16 x Φ2-23/64 x 5/8 inch x2) produces high braking force, and the 4-layer voice coil can handle large input. In addition, the Magnetic Circuit, whose volume has been increased by 35% compared to the conventional design, has greatly increased the driving force to move the diaphragm, and the durability of the vibration system has been greatly enhanced to handle the high input power of 300W RMS. This delivers clear and powerful bass sound reproduction.

Rugged and Reliable Structure for Tough Environments
Waterproof Rating of IPX6*

Rated IPX6 for water and dust ingress protection from the front, the subwoofer can be safely used for marine and motorsports.

*Equivalent to IEC standard publication 529 IPX6 protection against water-jets.
Water projected by a nozzle from any direction under stated conditions shall have no harmful effect.
Waterproof rating is only for the speakers, not applicable to the remote control.

21-Color Illumination

The color of the woofer cone can be illuminated to the color you like. Easily selectable from 21 colors with the provided remote control.

Dynamic Modes to Enjoy Various Illumination Patterns

21 patterns of illumination can be selected with the remote control.
You can enjoy your favorite pattern according to the music and mood.

Recommended System Patterns

Audio Receiver + Amplifiers + Speakers + CS-DR1040ML

Bluetooth Amplifier + Amplifier + Speakers + CS-DR1040ML

Remote Control Included

Recommended Enclosures

This subwoofer is primarily designed for infinite baffle mounting.
If necessary, you can also mount with a sealed enclosure.