IP66 Waterproof & Dust-proof

Withstands jets of water from any direction thanks to IPX6 waterproof compliance. As a result, the receiver can be safely used not onl y in cars, but also in other types of motor vehicles including marine and motorsports use.

Dustproof structure compliant with IP6X to prevent sand and dust.

ASTM D4329 UV Protection

Designed for use in harsh outdoor environments prone to strong sunlight.

ASTM B117 Rustproof

Saltspray-proof: ASTM B117 salt spray (or salt fog) corrosion test simulates harsh conditions in a saltwater environment to ensure the receiver does not corrode or fail in these harsh conditions.


The receiver passes a 3-axis multi-frequency vibration test to ensure its ability to sustain vibrations.

Conformal Coating

A conformal coating is a protective chemical coating to safeguard electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture or chemical contaminants. It provides a barrier to airborne contaminants from the operating environment, such as salt-spray, thus preventing corrosion

Weather Band Tuner

Weather band reception for safety information.

Ready for SiriusXM Radio
(optional SiriusXM tuner required, sold separately)

Ready for SiriusXM Radio. You can listen to over 100 Channels of music, sports, and entertainment.

Variable-Color Illumination

You can choose illumination colors from one of 24 presets or customize your own color by adjusting the intensity of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue).

Streaming Music

Listen to popular music applications and music stored on your device with basic audio controls.

13-Band Equalizer

Use the 13-Band Equalizer to manually adjust the sound to your taste.

Rear View Camera Input Support

KD-MR305BTS is equipped with a rear view camera input. With an optional KV-CM30 camera (or other) connected, you have increased safety while driving UTVs or marine vessels.

System Expansion Ready

KD-MR305BTS has RCA outputs to expand the system to connect to additional Waterproof amplifiers, speakers & subwoofers.

Wired Remote Control (Optional)

IPX7 Waterproof wired remote control (RM-RK62M) is optionally available. You can connect up to 6 remotes in-line with each other.